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A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout - anahorvath.com

Make sure your setter’s arms are slightly bent and all of the work is in the wrists as the ball comes on and off the wall. Their right leg should be slightly in front of their left leg and their knees should be bent about a 165 degree angle. When doing this, setters should discipline good hands and stop after every ten to check on their hands.

8 Volleyball Warm-Up Drills | ACTIVE

Volleyball Warm-Up No.2: Spike Drill. A ball is needed for this drill. Find a partner and stand across the court from each other. Throw the ball up into the air and spike it down into the ground so that after once bounce it should reach your partner. Do this only as long as it takes to warm-up your shoulder. Volleyball Warm-Up No.3: Setting Drill

20 dynamic volleyball warmups and stretches - The Art of ...

20 dynamic volleyball warmups and stretches 1. High knee hug Type of warmup: Balance Purpose: This volleyball warmup stretches hip flexors and adds a balance... 2. High knees Type of warmup: Balance Purpose: High knees is a plyometric exercise that prepares the lower body for... 3. High knees ...

Volleyball Warm-Up Drills - VolleyballXpert

Volleyball Warm-Up Drills Perfect Passes. This drill is to practice passing multiple repetitions, staying low and shuffling. Passing Technique Warm up. This drill demonstrates how to practice moving in a low position and directing the platform... Passing: Pass and Move!. This drill will practice ...

Warm Up Exercises for Volleyball Dynamic Flexibility Training

Purpose: To stretch the front side of the hips while warming up all the leg hip extensors. Starting Position: Stand up straight with your hands behind your head. Action: Take a large step forward and bring your back knee to about 3 inches off the ground. Push through the heel of the back foot to bring your back foot up even with your front foot.

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FREESTANDING VOLLEYBALL NET; No sandbags or weights required; The PowerNet Volleyball Warm Up Net can be set up on the driveway in the yard beach park or anywhere you want to play ADJUSTABLE REGULATION HEIGHT; Mens net height stands at an average of 96 to 98 Inches and Womens at 87 to 89 Inches; The system is lightweight and foldable and includes a heavy duty canvas carry bag

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