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Top 5 Tennis Drills For Doubles Players - Top Tennis Training. Playing doubles in tennis is a very different game to playing singles. Obviously, the major di...

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1. Hit a groundstroke from the baseline while moving in (make sure its a smart, well placed shot, not aimless ball bashing) 2. Hit a first volley somewhere near the service line (make sure they are doing a split step and not just running through the shot) 3. Put away volley. 4.

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In today's video we will show you three simple drills that you can do with your friends. Drills are: Four at the net, Two up Two Back, One Up and One BackIf ...

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Doubles Drills. Improving your groundstrokes and volleys is important for doubles. Equally important is choosing the right shot at the right time. To improve this skill, you have to practice every doubles situation that you might face, until your responses become automatic. Offense/Defense Intense Doubles.

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Playing tennis with 5 people on one court is possible with a bit of creativity. There are both doubles and singles based drills that you can practice with large groups of people. A lot of them include a rotation where one person sits out for a point or two at a time while their teammates play the point. When one person on the team misses, they will rotate out and be replaced. The key here is ...

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“MAKE IT FUN” (Drills to do just that!)

(Drills to do just that!) 1. “Spiders & Snakes” (6 per court) 2 Spiders at the net and the rest (Snakes) in a short st line at the opposite baseline. Coach feeds a ball to the 1 snake, who cannot lob the fed ball. Play out the point. If the snake wins, he nd approaches the “T,” where a 2 ball is fed. Play out the point. If

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For example, the top tennis player Roger Federer spends 36 hours weekly doing workouts (12 hours in the gym). So, let’s first know the benefits of the drills that I am going to discuss in detail shortly. Muscles Strength. Without saying, exercises improve muscle strength. But here with tennis drills, we are actually creating muscle memory.

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The player doing the drill will stand on the other side of the net, near the middle of the court and about 3-6 feet from the net. The use of a hopper is a good idea with this drill. The person feeding the balls will hit a forehand to the player volleying at the net.