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Soccer agility drills set up for training agility, speed, fitness, coordination, and adding the soccer ball to include more touches in training. Set up for this soccer drill is relatively easy, with four cones shaping a diamond and a couple of soccer balls to add more touches and turns with the ball when done running without it.

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The program provides six very good drills that should be done on a weekly basis (2-3 drills, twice per week). Each agility session should last a maximum of 30 minutes total exercise time. With a short warm-up, 2 sets of 2-3 drills and a warm-down, you should need no more than 30-40 minutes. Some of the agility drills will also enhance your speed.

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Soccer Specific Agility Drills

Soccer Specific Agility and Speed Training Drills. Mini Shuttle. Place 2 markers 20 yards apart. Place 2 marker in the middle only 3 yards to each side. (see diagram to right) Starting from the left-middle marker sprint to one end (10 yards), turn and immediately sprint to the other end (20 yards) and then to the finish marker (10 yards).

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How the Drill Works: This soccer agility drill involves players run through the star setup to improve their quickness and footwork over short distances. Purpose: Develop players’ quickness, footwork, and balance at high speeds. Players improve their ability to quickly change direction and explode forward.

7 Agility Drills for Fast Movement in Soccer - SB Coaches College

The point of the start/stop agility drill is to teach players how to manage their speed and momentum during a game situation. This will instill the bodily control required to be an agile soccer player. This is a very simple exercise that’s suitable for players of all ages and makes a great warm-up drill.

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The agility course combines a couple of soccer speed drills into one massive workout session. This speed agility and quickness training for soccer involves running, jumping, backpedaling, and shuffling around several obstacles. The complexity of this activity packs multiple benefits for soccer players of all levels.

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