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The receiving player must hit the ball in their own square and then someone else’s square. If the ball bounces twice or more times in someone’s square they are out and proceed to dunce or the end of the line of players waiting to join the game. If Kings gets out they proceed to dunce and the new King serves.

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Rules: Tip off to begin game. 3 steps (travel: if you take more than 3 steps) 3 second holding rule (can only stand stationary for 3 seconds) If ball hits the ground, then possession changes. If the ball goes out of bounds, then it's a throw-in. Can’t pass back to the goalkeeper.

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There are two different ways of playing: 'Old School' rules and 'New School' rules. 'New School' has 'baby' rules, but 'Old School' rules means the game is played straight - without any 'baby' rules. This means the ball must bounce in your own square when you hit it back, and if it lands on a line you play on.

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There is no ‘shot clock’ in Handball. Referees can warn a team if they don’t try to score within a reasonable time. They then have 6 passes to shoot. The goalkeeper may act as a court player, but is the only player allowed inside the 6-metre goal area. The goalkeeper may use his feet to defend the goal inside this area, the only

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If you completely miss the ball, and the ball was served appropriately, you will also give the server a point. The play stops when the ball is either hit out of bounds, or the ball touches the floor before it touches the wall. Basically, you never want the ball to hit the floor before the wall.

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Rules Basic rules. A game must have at least two players. The person in the leading square 'serves' the ball, bouncing it once within their square before it can enter an opponents square. Once the serve is complete, the receiver must hit the ball to another player.

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A player cannot outstretch arms or legs to obstruct, push, hold, trip or hit. An attacking player is not allowed to charge into a defensive player. A throw-in is awarded when the ball goes out of...

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