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Betting NBA Moneylines - Tips & Strategies

Betting NBA Moneylines - The Bettors Edge. As the NBA regular season wears on, it becomes a bigger part of many sports bettor's overall weekly strategies. Once each team has 25 to 30 games in the books, it becomes much easier to separate the money makers from the drains on the bankroll. While using the spread and total line account for the majority of the money bet on NBA games, using a posted money line from time to time can be an excellent way to supplement your overall approach to betting ...

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With NBA money line betting you are simply picking which team will outright win the game. NBA Money Line odds will list the the favorite in a given game as a negative number (ie. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. Money line odds list the underdog as a positive number (i.e. +500) that means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. An NBA money line bet can not “push” because NBA games can not end in a tie.

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Effective NBA Betting Strategy Power Rankings of the Teams. Power rankings aren’t commonly used outside the US sports. The idea of the structure is to... Home-Court Advantage. Home-Court Advantage refers to the advantage a team has when they play at home. This could be for... Situational Factors. ...

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NBA Underdog Moneyline Betting Strategy. We mentioned this NBA sports betting strategy earlier, so shan’t go into too much extra detail. But, in essence, bettors tend not to win in the long run ...

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The main NBA betting markets are Moneyline, spread, over / under total points and player props. Money Line - The money line is betting on which team will win the game. There is no option for a draw in the NBA, with teams going to overtime if the score is tied at the end of regulation, so the moneyline is a two-way market in which you bet on one team to win, and it includes overtime.

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Nba Moneyline Betting. 1 Asian Handicap is a style of betting hits the mark is bookmaker handicaps the two teams within a game before its start. Using football as an example, the bookmaker gives a goals deficit to the c’s he thinks is more prone to win, in addition to a head place to the team he thinks is more unlikely to triumph in.

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NBA Betting Tip: Remember, NBA lines are pretty efficient. It is tough enough to hit more than 50% of your bets. In a parlay, you have to hit all of your picks, making it even more difficult to win. Teasers – Like a parlay, teasers require more than one pick, and all picks in your teaser must hit.

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If a bet is paying +200, this means you would win $2 on a $1 bet, for a total payout of $3. If a separate bet is paying -200, you will win $.50 on a $1.00 bet, resulting in a total payout of $1.50. As you would expect, the more a team is favored to win by, the less you win betting on them.